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פריסה של יריעת הגנה ובסיס למערכת גג צומח

Urban Heat Island and Water Management Green and Blue Roof Systems For Hot and Arid Climates


Blue Roof

הדמיה של שכבות מערכת גג סופח

A simple and effective engineered solution for temporary water retention designed to help with reducing urban flash floods and heat island

Low weight 

Simple and fast installation

The water retention system (passive blue) is installed directly on the waterproofing layer while providing additional membrane protection as well as improved thermal and acoustic insulation. The system includes several layers for mechanical and physical protection, water retention and optimal drainage based on a unique drainage and retention board.

System components include at least 75% recycled materials.

Green Roof

הדמיה של שכבות מערכת גג צומח

Modular, lightweight, water-efficient system, low maintenance without any use of hazardous chemicals and fertilizers 

 System height starts at 9 cm 

Ultra-low weight (average 45 kg wet)

The vegetated roof system is manufactured in Israel and based on the principles of the "Oikosteges" method , which was developed in Greece and is particularly suitable for the Mediterranean climate and drought conditions.  

The system includes protective layers and a unique drainage board.

Above these layers is a growing roof module, which includes the optimal substrate that we produce. The irrigation system is integrated within the module. In addition, we grow the plants ourselves.  


System components include recycled materials.

download system specification  Click here


You probably have a lot of questions about the blue roof

Why install a blue roof?   

The runoff draining from the roof of the building accumulates to a high percentage of the overall runoff volume in the property, although its relative share of the lot area is smaller than that. Unlike the ground surface, which may include different types of water management tools, the entire roof area is waterproofed, which turns all the rain to the form a runoff. A blue roof retention system ("passive blue roof" without plants) is a simple and easy to install solution for an existing or new roof, as part of a variety of hydrology solutions. Water is a resource, not a problem. Water management solutions starts from the roof!


Why choose our blue roof system? 

We offer a simplified and economical solution. The system is an add-on to the drainage system in the property and is an effective preliminary treatment for the absorption, retention and manged release of runoff, reducing the overall load at the peak of the rain event and desired release of the runoff (combined with additional systems).


How does an blue roof helps me save expenses?

Beyond the obvious economical benefits at the municipal level, the implementation of our system improves the thermal and acoustic value of the building.

Better insulation for the roof = saving on air conditioning expenses.

Protecting the Waterproofing membrane from radiation and natural elements is another part of the cumulative savings.

What maintenance is required for an annex roof system?

As with any roof, it is necessary to check the drain openings for the winter (we have an excellent control box for this), beyond that there are no special maintenance requirements.

תמונת רקע

You probably have a lot of questions about the growing roof

Why choose the vegetated roof system? 

Most green roof systems in the world were born in a cold and rainy European climate.

The growing roof system is based on the "Oikosteges" method, which was born on a hot roof in Greece. The harsh Mediterranean climate was the basis for the creative process and the special requirements for our region. With the start of the production in Israel, we expanded our cooperation and adapted the requirements to the hot and dry desert climates.


How does a growing roof helps to save expenses? 

The system balances and reduces the heat flux of the structure,

which leads to direct savings on air conditioning expenses for cooling as well as heating. Protecting the waterproofing membrane from radiation and natural elements is another part of the cumulative savings.

A vegetated roof helps to regulate and reduce rain runoff and supports the municipal requirements. This is an important and necessary investment for creating long-term urban resilience.


How does the system contribute to the environment?

Loss of biodiversity and natural habitats for pollinators and birds is particularly troubling in the face of climate change. A vegetated roof is a flowering 'ecological island' and a wonderful habitat for bees and butterflies.


What maintenance is required for a growing roof system?

We do not engage with roof gardening control methods which leads to the fact that we do not have a permanent maintenance contract.

שאלות ותשובות
צור קשר

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About Us

Building Vegetation specializes in the production, sales and installation of vegetated roof systems with focus of the extreme hot and arid climate in the Mediterranean and in desert areas.  


(Yes, you can also call it a green roof, an eco-roof or living roof, We just prefer a growing roof or vegetated roof).  


We added the blue roof system (passive blue, if you really insist) as a base solution.


The vision guiding our operations seeks to make the use of such systems widely accepted and implemented. Our Motto is Simplify, Economize and Optimize. Simple and quick implementation and low maintenance is key to large projects. We put a lot of attention and emphasis on saving resources and water as an important and central value. We also use local or regional raw materials and use of recycled materials as possible.

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